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We are the experts in creating Iran tours for anyone who wishes to visit Iran. In creating authentic experiences and memories that last a lifetime

Our name stems from the Phrase ‘Empire of Persia’, By the 5th century B.C.E., it was the largest empire in the world. Before Alexander or the Roman Empire, the Persian Empire existed as one of the most powerful and complex empires of the ancient world. Persia (roughly modern-day Iran) is among the oldest inhabited regions in the world.

The Great Persia is a Destination Management Company with a head office in Tehran. A company built by travelers for travelers. We are a local Iranian tour operator run by a team of tourism professionals who have made their way up the ladder from working as a porter to a trek leader to a tourism entrepreneur; All of our team members are educated & trained professionals in the different part of tourism industry. they have further knowledge and experience in the travel industry extending beyond The Great Persia, this means valuable local knowledge in all aspects of your travel. We promise to share our knowledge and expertise with you, and ensure you will come home with stories you will tell for years to come.

Responsibility is important for us. Maintaining our integrity and upholding principles of sustainable development are core to our travel ethos. We try you explore the real Persia.

Our Values are ingrained in the culture of our business and in the design of our trips. We respect the people, cultures and local environments that we encounter while traveling and encourage the spread of good will and cross-cultural sharing. We are committed to making a positive contribution wherever possible.

Our Mission is to deliver personality tailored, authentic tours to Provide superior travel and tour services with focus on customer satisfaction, within the best competitive prices.

A part of money that you spend for our services goes towards Generating Employment and helps to Alleviate Poverty, Uplifts Local Communities and supporting the environment and animal welfare projects around the world.

Our Story

The Great Persia has established by Elahe and Semko to make Elahe’s dream come true. The story of my journey started when I was a little girl. My dad would throw me on his back every weekend, and we’d go to the mountains and use natural hot springs. Sometimes we had one day trip to the desert and slept under the sky and landed in the desert sands, and sometimes multi-day trips to other cities in Iran. They were wonderful and I must say that I’ve had the chance of being in most parts of the country. In this way, I was accustomed to traveling, and from the first of the week, I counted my fingers until the end of the week, when we would travel to the mountain or desert, etc. Until we moved to beautiful Kish Island in Persian Gulf, due to the work and responsibility of my parents in the Kish Education Organization. There was no more news of mountains for mountaineering, deserts and sand dunes, but there were beautiful beaches and many tourists that I became friends with, I invited them to our house and guided them to visit the beautiful places of Kish Island, in what restaurants should they eat, from which bazaar can they buy better and cheaper, and sometimes I would lend them my bike to explore the island.
My interest in traveling and tourism led me to get my bachelor’s degree in Tourism Management as well as my Master’s Degree in tourism marketing from Tehran University. Following my education, I worked in two big travel companies in Tehran for ten years as incoming tour and marketing manager. In Last six years, I have operated many tours from different continents like America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia in various fields such as cultural & historical, sport & adventure, business & exhibition, religious and special interests.
But I’ve always faced with shortcomings in my professional work. I realized that many of our customers may not touch the real Persian history and culture or give the excellent services to incoming tourists more than what they expect. I believe that just visiting a museum, palace and park is not enough! Tourists should be in touch with the people and discover the real Iran, and have unique experiences in Iran. From parties in Iranian homes to attending their weddings and immersing in the original Iranian culture. In addition, having the highest level of service quality (hotel, guide, vehicle, etc.). They trust me and ask me to make good moments for them. This is a big responsibility, and I want to do my best so that they have the best experience of their life journey. So, I decided to set up my own company, an incoming tour operator and a destination management company to solve parts of current challenges in travel services in my country. In the first step, we have made a professional team specifically trained, educated and experienced tour guides. Our mission is to let you discover and be mesmerized by the place by offering you an insight into local culture, local history, traditions and folklore. Our tours are designed to give you a travel experience that is inspiring, unique and deeply rewarding and to offer you fun, excitement, comfort and great memories.

Now me, Elahe, I’m honestly willing to give you not only my bicycle but also everything you need to travel to The Great Persia (IRAN).


Why Choose The Great Persia?

  • Quality and Services 

At The Great Persia, quality and service go hand-in-hand. We go above and beyond to ensure these two hallmarks are met at every step of your journey. To help achieve these core values, we closely monitor client satisfaction and are consistently seeking new ways to exceed our clients’ expectations.

  • A personal touch

From first contact, through the duration of your stay, and until you are safely home again, we are with you. You will know your personal travel consultant both by name and by face, as we make it a practice to greet our clients personally and go through the entire trip.

  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff

We’ve created unforgettable travel experiences in the The Great Persia for thousands of clients from all over the world. That’s down to the quality of our people. Our staff members have extensive and firsthand knowledge of the region and are passionate about what they do.

  • Local expertise

It is vital to us that you have a memorable and authentic experience with our holidays. In line with the expectations we have for our staff, we select only local suppliers that are friendly, reputable and have in-depth local knowledge.

  • Best Price, no Hidden Fees

We are glad to offer our clients the best rates on our tours, transfers and other services. Due to direct contracts with all our suppliers, our prices are always relevant and affordable.

  • Save time and effort

Organizing your own holiday can be a stressful task. Let us do the work for you! By choosing The Great Persia, you can save time and hassle by booking all of your itinerary services directly with a specialized local agency.

  • Tailor-made holidays

Designed with you in mind, our packages can be tailored or built completely from scratch to suit your needs. Our experienced travel experts have the resources at hand to make your dream holiday a reality. Why not contact us with your interests?

  • You’re in good hands

While on your journey, help is never out of reach. There is always a staff member on call 24/7 to handle any unforeseen situations, and we do our best to respond to emails and voicemail as soon as possible during our regular office hours.

Globally based international companies are merely mediators who run their businesses with second and third parties; which means their prices are two to three-fold as each party takes its percentage when a client books a trip. With us, you are directly in the hands of the local people who are physically involved in your trips to Iran.

  • Legitimacy

The Great Persia is an insured and fully licensed travel agency approved by the local authorities. And as members of various travel industry associations, we are held up to a high level of standards and practices. If you want a firsthand account of how we operate, just take a look at our customer reviews!

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